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Dr. Eric Mandel

Dr. Mandel is a Middle East expert with over 25 years of experience. He is the Director of Mandel Strategies, a consulting and advising firm for the Middle East, and the director of MEPIN, the Middle East Political Information Network. 

Dr. Mandel regularly briefs members of Congress and their foreign policy aides with an analysis of the regional nations’ ever-changing geopolitical and economic interests. He is the Senior Security Editor for the Jerusalem Report and a regular contributor to The Hill and the Jerusalem Post. He has been published in National Interest, Must Reads-Foundation for Democracies, RealClearWorld, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, National Cyber Security News, The Messenger, MSN, the Forward, JNS, i24, Rudow (Iraq), The NY Sun, Moment Magazine, The Times of Israel, Kurdistan24, IsraelNationalNews, JTA, Algemeiner, Israel Hayom, Thinc. (The Hague Inst. International Cooperation), Defense News, and other publications.

Dr. Mandel on the Peshmerga front line with ISIS (Daesh)

Dr. Mandel is a frequent speaker for organizations and on university campuses. He has spoken at the Columbia Graduate School of International Affairs and Policy, Yale, Harvard, Brown, Cornell, Penn, Florida International University, and John Jay College of Criminal Justice, to name a few. He has twice been a keynote speaker for the American Defense Contractors ( GICA Global Industrial Cooperation Association Defense Industry Offset Association), speaking to their Arab government clients. He is an advisor to the Alma Research and Education Center, specializing in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. He travels frequently to the Middle East, most recently to Qatar, Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, and organizes yearly seminars in the region. He is often a guest on Middle East TV, including i24News, Rudaw Media, and Kurdistan 24.


Jeff Cohen
Jeff Cohen Global Head of Leveraged Finance at Santander\ Former Global Co-Head of Leveraged Finance and Private Equity at Credit Suisse
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Eric is an acknowledged expert on geopolitical and economic interdependencies across the Middle East. He is an invaluable resource to government leaders and business decision-makers, with in-depth analysis based on decades of experience of his network of governmental, security, defense, and business contacts in the region. Eric’s thoughtful counsel helps provide insight into diplomatic, financial, and strategic issues that impact commercial transactions.
Gil Troy
Gil Troy American presidential historian, commentator and analyst on the Middle East Professor of History at McGill University.
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Eric Mandel has an uncanny knack to zero in on the issue of the moment - and offers some illuminating insight or framework that helps the various messes of the Middle East look more understandable. He adds to his analysis a moral clarity about the fight for freedom, for Israel, for democracy, which makes his voice and vision invaluable...
Steve Linde
Steve LindeEditor-in-Chief, The Jerusalem Report Former Editor-in-Chief, Jerusalem Post
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As the Security Editor for The Jerusalem Report, Dr. Eric R. Mandel writes a powerful monthly column addressing the range of issues facing Israel, the US and the Diaspora. He is a solid writer and an independent thinker with intellectual integrity and a strong sense of justice.  He is very well connected, especially in the higher echelons of politics, influencers and academics in both Israel and the US. I am also fortunate to call him my friend, someone I trust completely.
Scott Richmond
Scott RichmondADL Director, New York, New Jersey
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I am constantly amazed by the breadth of Eric's knowledge on Israel and the Middle East and the clear insight that he offers on really tough topics. I look forward to reading what he has to say and always recommend him to others.
Roz Rothstein
Roz RothsteinFounder and CEO StandWithUs
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Dr. Mandel's has chaired our New York board for over ten years, building our brand and helping to expand our essential work in the region. His expertise and contacts in the Middle East and Congress allow him to offer unique insights into the region's geopolitical and economic issues. Dr. Mandel is personable and always a pleasure to work with. 
Seth Franzman
Seth FranzmanExecutive Director of Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis, Fellow Middle East Forum, Author, "Drone Wars and After ISIS"
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I’ve known Eric Mandel for many years in various capacities. I’ve worked with him as an editor for his excellent articles on the Middle East and also spent time with Eric on the Hill, meeting with the offices of members of Congress. Eric Mandel is an excellent and incisive writer on the Middle East. He is both an analyst and a commentator who can use his connections with policymakers and experts to provide timely and necessary insights into the challenges facing the US and the Middle East today. Eric Mandel provides forward-thinking arguments for the importance of the US's role in the Middle East. He has connections throughout the region that bolster his meaningful support for important policies affecting the region. Through his work traveling in the Middle East and meeting key leaders, officials, policymakers, and experts, from generals to government ministers, Eric brings a wealth of information and a lifetime of experience to his essential work in the region. As a facilitator and connector between policymakers and those with influence in the region, Mandel is able to play a unique and critical role. Mandel has unparalleled access to policymakers and leaders in the region. His years of experience make him an ideal consultant and speaker on topics of the utmost importance today, from the Abraham Accords to the current shifts in Egypt, Gulf, and Turkish policy. Mandel has spent many years working with members of Congress on the Hill in Washington and also traveling throughout the Middle East, leading delegations and groups in meetings that have spanned the region from the Pyramids in Egypt to the frontlines of Kurdistan where he spent time with Kurdish Peshmerga fighting ISIS. I highly recommend Eric Mandel and his background in the Middle East and Israel issues. There is no one better to work with to understand the region and help bridge its complexities and intricacies. Mandel is always attuned to the shifts in the Middle East and the next moves that may occur in the region.
Sarit Zehavi
Sarit ZehaviFounder and President Alma Research and Education Center
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Dr. Eric Mandel is a highly sought-after expert on the Middle East who uniquely combines in-depth analysis of the region with policy recommendations for America. He has established high-level contacts in Congress and the American media thanks to his professionalism. Dr. Mandel is a member of the Alma Research and Education Center's international advisory board and was a partner in formulating the vision and mission of the Center. His excellent advice has significantly contributed to making Alma a globally recognized research center.
Shahar Azani
Shahar AzaniJBS Senior Vice President & Former Israeli Diplomat
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Watch Shahar Azani's introduction to Dr. Mandel on JBS TV. August 2023.
Moshe Ya’alon
Moshe Ya’alonFormer Israeli Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff of the IDF
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Dr. Eric Mandel is a must-read analyst of geopolitics, politics, and security of the Middle East. Eric uses his knowledge, vast experience, and continually updated information obtained through research, visits to the region, and meeting people on the ground to keep his analysis updated. That’s how we met in my capacity as Defense Minister and continues until this day.
Yossi Klein Halevi
Yossi Klein HaleviSenior Fellow Shalom Hartman Institute
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With his profound understanding of the region and his ability to discern long-term trends, Eric Mandel is one of the most perceptive Middle East analysts writing today.
Donna Robinson Divine
Donna Robinson Divine Morningstar Professor and Professor of Government Emerita Department of Government, Smith College
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The Middle East gave the world the religious cultures that unite and divide it. What happens in that region can thus be expected to have an enormous impact across the globe. America can no more turn away from the region than it can from its own internal cultural polarization. To grasp the nature of the forces tearing apart the countries and societies of the Middle East takes skill, patience, and understanding, all of which lay the foundation for the website set up by Eric Mandel. It offers insight not only into the growing complexities besetting the area but also into how American policy practitioners are addressing them. Eric’s access to the people who make the deals or who create the working relationships is simply astonishing. Check out the website. You won’t be disappointed.
Daniel Diker 
Daniel Diker President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
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Dr Eric Mandel’s assessment, analysis, and policy prescriptions for a more secure, stable, and prosperous  Israel and the Middle East region are critical to understanding the big picture. 


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